Welcome to the official BLUE Campaign shop. If you are looking for information about the campaign itself, please head back to the main website: https://www.bluecampaignhub.com


The BLUE Campaign Shop is run and maintained by Al Whitworth. Al runs a small woodworking business in the Scottish Highlands called Atlantic Drift.

In 2019 Al volunteered to help to further the BLUE campaign by making blue hearts for people to display in their gardens. Al makes these himself from repurposed local timber. All products listed are designed and sold by Al on behalf of the BLUE campaign. Al runs the shop from his highland home and all the orders are posted out from the tiny thatched post office next door to his croft and workshop.

In the coming months we intend to branch out from the wooden hearts with some t-shirts, and other branded, environmentally responsible products that will hopefully help to get the campaign known to more people and spread the word. If you have any ideas for designs, or if you are an illustrator and would like to donate a design, then please get in touch.


BLUE Campaign receives a percentage from every sale to help further the campaign. This helps us to promote the campaign with individuals, councils and schools, and helps towards things like travel and website costs. We’re all volunteers at BLUE Campaign and none of us receive a wage or profit from the campaign.

Al’s woodwork is priced as low as possible to cover basic costs of production. If you’d like to support Al’s work, check out his website and other environmentally conscious products for sale.